Lisa is one of the best yoga coaches I have ever worked with. She was able to customise her approach to my particular needs, it has really helped my wellbeing. She is caring, encouraging & fun. Her teaching has allowed me to stretch myself in way I would not have achieved on my own. I would highly recommend Lisa as a wellness partner.
— Laurent Crou

Lisa is not just good for your body, she is good for your soul. She teaches with a real energy that is so infectious: by the end of the class her vibrancy seeps into you, making you feel genuinely happy! She is such an excellent teach: she is constantly mindful & observant of everyone in the class: always gently moving us into the correct positions: sometimes the adjustment can be minimal but the difference it makes can be enormous.

Lisa is highly tuned into us all: she picks up on any discomfort we may be feeling, any stiffness or injury we may have & is there to offer modification & alternatives.

She encourages but is not pushy. She finds something to praise in us all. The music, the vibe the mood are up beat - yet she also manages to have a calming & soothing influence.

Her instructions are clear & precise & she loves to throw in some surprises to keep us all on our toes to stop us from getting complacent. No matter how I feel at the beginning of her class, I know I will feel great by the end.
— Maroulla Paul

A session spent with Lisa is about more then just yoga. Her supportive & open approach gives you a chance to relax, reflect & revitalise, whilst also learning about your own body & developing your practice in personalised & safe way that works for you. Her optimism & positive attitude help you believe anything is possible & you are guaranteed to feel better both physically & mentally. after spending time with Lisa, who is both brilliant teacher & empowering woman.
— Fabia Martin

The elegance of her instruction encompasses a rare apex of pushing ourselves to be our best, whilst remaining patient with our individual process to achieve success over time. While decent instructors will, rightly, encourage the benefit of consistency in yoga practise by suggesting it outright, Lisa cleverly bakes patience into her class at the most relevant moments. Truly inspiring the value of regularly affording the time to do our best work. Her innate aptitude for painting a clear & beautiful picture of both the physique we are striving for, & the benefits of working them to the best of our abilities are among the many prime examples of the eloquence of her instruction.

What really drives home her level of expertise is her proficiency for bringing practice beyond fitness, & into owning our individual positive, productive, & powerful mindsets.

The capacity for her as one instructor to hold all of these traits simultaneously & deliver them in each power-packed class is candidly quite unique, & a testament to her true mastery of the practice.
— Traci Sepp

Adam & Lisa designed a HIIT training & Yoga session, followed by a presentation on the pillars of health & wellbeing for the team. We highly recommend booking this husband & wife team engaging, encouraging & fun. The PERFECT masculine & feminine balance.
— Angie Jackson - TTG Media

Lisa & Adam are both excellent coaches, with individual styles & methods that really help me to stay focused on my fitness goals.

I’ve worked with Adam for nearly a year at his regular Strength classes & I am always more motivated, stronger & happier after a training session with him...even the Monday morning early classes! He is quick to offer alterations if I’m struggling but never lets me get away with taking it easy.

Lisa’s yoga teaching is also incredibly supportive. She’s an inspirational instructor, & her experience & warmth as a teacher is partly why her classes have such a cult following in East London. I’ve really noticed myself settle into yoga routine around her classes & I find her style with her students very motivational.
— David Chaplin