Simple swaps to Healthier Kitchen Habits


In 2011 I took my YOGA TT from there I slowly started to incorporate healthier habits. 


The Kitchen detox came next...

Clearing the cupboards of anything with an E number, preservative or colouring. 

Yes this left my kitchen cupboards bare but I have never ever looked back. 

The changes were immense. I have never felt stronger & more awake. 

Here are a few absolute essentials I have in my life and where I get them from 


Simple ways to start your healthy kitchen habits

Not everyone can be extreme so once you finish your sauces condiments, or whatever you are cooking with at the moment replace with a better more nutrient product.


Table Salt

Is a highly processed imitation of sea salt. Most table salts are created from crude oil once heated over 1200 Fahrenheit. Then others toxins are added such as sugar or MSG (mono-Sodium-glutatmate) bleached or coloured white. 

Table salt causes blood pressure to rise rapidly because the blood is attempting to move the toxic element rapidly away from the heart. Excessive table salt causes water retention & other fluids. This may lead to chronic imbalances such as diabetes, gout & obesity. 

Table salt is destructive on nervous & circulatory systems. It can be highly addictive, the more the body becomes used to high levels of fake sodium, the more it craves it. 



Himalayan crystal salt contains 80 natural minerals & elements used in the human body. Benefits include 

Encouraging healthy blood sugar levels 

Promotes stable PH balance

Regulate water levels 

The more natural the product the less the body has to do to break it down. allowing natural form of regulation for the systems. 

I would throw out TABLE SALT - IT probably cost less then a few pounds and just add Himalayan sea salt to your diet from now 


NourishJoseph Yanaku