Posture of the Month: Down Dog


Sanskrit name - Adho Mukha Svanasana

Everyone has their own relationship with Downward facing Dog. The same questions usually crop up:

Do I have the appropriate distance between my hands & my feet? 

Am I over working in any main part of my body? 

Personally my challenge is from the flexibility in my lower back. Leaving me with a flare in the ribs. 

Here is a step to step guide of the pose & what you can do to strengthen & determine if your measurements are correct. 

Begin face down on your mat. Place fingertips inline with the centre of your chest. Press up to all fours & keep the hands & the feet to where they are. Align index finger forward or slightly in elbow creases line up to the thumbs. 

Tuck your toes & lift the hips up. Start with straightening the knees slightly bent. Draw thighs back lift hip higher from the hips. Engage quadriceps draw them up & compliment this by reaching the heels down.

Maintain a strong steady breath. Bring you attention to your hands. Front of the wrists are parallel to front of you mat. Spread your fingers & press down through the base of your fingers and knuckles. 

Extend strong through your arms so elbows are straight. Gently spiral elbow creases forward to align your shoulders. Broaden the inner border of the shoulder blades. 

Keep the head between the upper arms gaze between the toes. 

Reach strongly through your arms press the thighs back and feel the length of your spine. 

Focus on the broth & make sure it remains engaged & relaxed. Create space & strength in the entire body.