This is personal experience of meditation. 

I started my Yoga practise in 2010 so I suppose this was the first encounter I had of meditation sitting. 

I would arrive to class early sit before moving & then physically get into my body. To be honest when I first started practising Yoga was purely a physical sensation for me. 

The effect was so profound mentally & physically I would return time & time again.

I met Vanessa Mazza in Bikram Old St in 2011 once I had returned from Bikram Teacher Training she invoked me to the Buddhist centre in Bethnal Green. 

My first day I sat through a guided meditation. I was uncomfortable. I’ll try again next week. 

I returned & the sitting was agony. My mind would race through events planning my meals, schedule anything to take my mind off being there. I still continued. I felt safe and I was eager to learn. This lasted around 2 months then I fell off the meditation wagon. 

2012 I met Adam. He became so much much then a boyfriend. A mentor a health coach, my support system in every aspect on my life. 

He started using Head space in 2014 I tried it out for a few weeks but once again fell off the meditation wagon. 

In 2015 I came into a strange place of my life. The wanting to be married stage. Adam didn’t believe in marriage & made it vocal to me that he didn’t really believe in it. I shared with him it was important to me. I have been dreaming & planning my wedding since I was a little girl. Anyway I became obsessed each dinner, each holiday I thought it was the moment. 

I became silly I knew I needed something more then yoga to ground me. I got back on the meditation wagon and joined Calm. I woke up got my iPhone & sat in the spare room. The app is great you can go through a variation of timed or open ended meditation guided or not. At the end of the meditation it logs your time & even leave you with a quote you can carry with you for the rest of the day. 


Here are the applications I have tried & tested


Head space 

10 free day trial

£9.99 per month Recurring month cancel anytime 

£5.99 per month Annual subscription

£299.99 for life one payment



Free - I used Calm for free for around 2 years 

I have only subscribed in April

£35.99 Yearly

I can honestly say Calm offers everything you will need & to trial for free for as long as you need before you want to commit. 


CalmJoseph Yanaku