Force Class at My Manor


My Manor Old St EC1 

7.45am FORCE - Taught by Adam Willoughby

Class description 

Explosive movements focusing on speed & power. Heavier weights, lower reps, lots of sweat. Suitable for people with some experience of conditioning or HIIT training. The year Adam proposed, I switched on my motivation for getting SUPER fit.  I had a date & a goal the wedding day! Then the perfect body for the honeymoon. Well lets just say the honeymoon period is over & standards & discipline have dropped.  I suppose my motivation had gone now as I don’t have a deadline date. My main attempt to maintain my figure has not been top priority & I am not saying I have put on any weight but my level of fitness has dropped. SO what to do I am back on it after 1 year & 5 months I will be preparing for my next BIG deadline the body before the baby.  I love Mondays, a new week to start fresh & the best thing to get my motivation levels up is to train my husbands FORCE class at Old St EC1 My Manor.  The class was quite busy although My Manor are a boutique gym so cap the classes at 12. There was 7 of us in total a mix of male & female ranging from 20 -  40 years of age.  I thrive when I practice in a class environment. I work harder & get my competition mode on.  We started with warm up straight in 30 second rounds of 4 exercises. Adam demonstrated. The music was up beat & rhythmic. 


  • Cross Jacks 
  • Body weight squats 
  • Plank - Toe taps 
  • Butt kickers
  • Second round - 9 Rounds of exercises 
  • We all had a station each moving round allowing us to pick the individual weights we require
  • Goblet squat 
  • Step up with Dumb bells 
  • Land mine press 
  • Bulgarian bag jump lunges 
  • TRX Row
  • Dumbbell Glute bridge 
  • Med-ball slams 
  • 3 minutes each station 20sec rest in-between 3 rounds
  • Finisher - teams of pairs but we had a 3 myself another girl & a guy
  • Burpee ladder relay style 
  • starting from 1 to 10 
  • Stretches to finish. Down Dog, Lunge side stretch
  • This 45 minute workout allows you to mobilise in the beginning with full guidance


Work as a team with other members. Enough pressure you work hard. Use appropriate weight for your individual ability. Smaller group more attention & care. 

I enjoyed the experience & felt great for the day. The following day I had slight ache but luckily got to a yoga practise after the class so I am sure it would have been worst if I didn’t. 45 minutes is a good place to start for the busy worker & easy to fit in your day!

StrengthJoseph Yanaku