Clean Beauty: The Low Down


Beauty & self care products are a compliment to eating well & training. Once making the switch we researched more into what we needed to avoid & what type of products are on the market. 

The market is growing & upgrading so watch the store shelves there will be new items as the market for health & environment conscious products grow. 


Here are 2 podcasts which highlights what you need to know: 


Yoga Land - Andrea Feretti

Episode 84 

Why Clean Beauty is so essential & how to navigate with Abby Jean & Rachel Pachivas 


The Model Health Show - Shawn Stevenson

Episode 60 

Improve your skin naturally clear acne, and 7 tips to have the best skin ever

Episode 262 

The sinister 6 Toxic Ingredients in your personal Care Products

Here's a quick run down from the podcasts

Skin is the largest organ you have. You know this… 

We absorb skin, what is on our therefore we must be looking at the ingredient labels the same way as we do our food products. Simple.


Here are the toxic ingredients we should absolutely be avoiding

1. Aluminium - Found in deodorant. Helps to stop perspiration. The problem is we need to sweat to eliminate toxins. It’s important to note the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorant is simply made to curb body odor, and antiperspirant is meant to curb sweat (or perspiration). And when we talk about aluminum, we’re only talking about antiperspirants. “Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that help plug your pores so you don’t sweat as much,”

2. Parabens - Found in shampoos, commercial moisturisers, shaving gels, parental pharmeciticals, make up, & toothpaste. Parabens display estrogenic properties and have been found to mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen in the body’s cells, which links them with breast cancer. When mixed with other chemical agents they appear even more harmful to the skin & cells. Parabens are effective preservatives in many types of formulas.

3. SLS - Sodium Laurel Sulphate - SLES Sodium Laurene Sulphate  Surface active agent reduces the surface tension of the product. Translated means it is spreadable. Producing a liquid property like lotion shampoo, body wash. SLS - Degenerative effect on the cell membranes protein denaturing properties translates accelerating the ageing to you skin. 

4. Fragrance - Fake researchers don’t know what this is. Compile studies to immune dysfunctions, allergies eczema, ingredients not fully labelled identity NOT KNOWN. - Translates Sneak in compounds that are not regulated

5. Synthetic Colours - Fake you don’t need it just to look a good colour aseptically pleasing. Scientifically proven to cause ADHD symptoms in children

6. Formaldehyde - Preservative helps to preserve form bacteria - Casengen

7. Phthalates are a group of man-made chemicals that are structurally related to the organic acid, phthalic acid. The most important use of phthalates is in plastics, especially PVC, where they act as plasticisers.

Make life style choices that can reduce these 6 products in your personal care

Finish what your using or throw it away - Personally unless you are desperate to just throw it out start again.


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